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Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll Recipe - Chicken Paratha Roll Kids Lunch Box چ...

Welcome to LOUTS FOOD GALLERY Learn how to make Chicken Paratha Roll with White Sauce (Chatni). Very easy step by step video recipe...
Chicken Paratha Roll چکن پراٹھا رول - Karachi Paratha roll is very famous. Did you ever try Chicken Paratha Roll at home? If not, then try it I sure you will like it. It is very easy to make, cook chicken and fill along with salad in paratha.
CHICKEN PARATHA ROLL Recipe in Urdu, English & Hindi, Get Unique Pakistani and indian Cooking recipes of CHICKEN PARATHA ROLL. This is a wonderful recipe, Chicken Paratha Roll is one of the top hot finger foods of Pakistanis, especially Lahoris.
Chicken Paratha Roll is prepared with chicken. Paratha is prepared with flour, knead, made balls, rolled and fried. Chicken is marinated with garlic paste, ginger paste and yogurt mixture. Then fried in oil, filled in paratha with onion and folded. Serve with chutney, sauce or ketchup.
I will share with you soon chicken egg roll recipe , roll paratha dough , zinger paratha roll, roll paratha dough Recipe.
Chicken Paratha Roll Kids Lunch Box Idea
Chicken roll recipe in Urdu -Chicken Mayo Garlic Roll Recipe 🍗
Hope you will enjoy the dish!
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