Friday, 8 December 2017

Desi Chicken Yakhni Soup - chicken broth Peshawari Yakhni (Karachi Ke Ma...

Winter is finally here, and people are looking for the special foods to have a fun and full enjoyment in the ongoing season. Truly speaking, winters are incomplete without chicken soup, Yakhni, peanuts, and some dry fruits. But what is more fascinating about the season is having a bowl of hot yakhni or soup.

Homemade Desi Chicken Yakhni Soup Recipe - See how to make chicken stock recipe in Urdu with step by step Video.

Nothing beats a flavorful Chicken Broth Recipe in winter days. This is very easy to make with a delicious taste. Also quite helpful if you are having cold sore.

Chicken Yakhni, Easy Chicken Yakhni, Best for Health Desi Murg ki Yakhni Recipe .Chicken Yakhni Soup - Soup, Stew, Yakhni Yakhni Soup is a one of most famous and easiest to prepare soups. Yakhni Soup can be prepared with beef as well.

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